This is a blog where I’ll take a fresh look at some concepts regarding graphic and web design. The purpose of this is two fold. One is to teach people that may be starting out a bit of the basics as I share my experiences. The other is to take another look at this concepts with more experienced eyes. Both of these reasons are selfish.

To be able to teach a thing you have to know it really well. As I want to learn more about some of the new things that are brewing in my field this helps to further motivate me and I invite you all to follow me along on my journey.

I'm Eugene Kuhns, a Senior Graphic Designer with Deloitte in Pittsburgh; an avid bike rider, martial artist and traveler with a thirst for craft beers, a hunger for bacon; and a focus on building the best websites and interactive experiences.

I can help plan your website and direct the customer experience to help maximize your marketing potential.