Currently I’m working on catching up on the skills that modern web designers/developers are using. I work for an internal design group so the technology is usually a step or two behind.

Specifically I’m learning about SVG graphics by reading the book Practical SVG by Chris Coyer. I’m also working through the exercises at (the JSON part as of now). Additionally, I’m following along the videos at Spring Board and

Physically I’m debating transitioning from doing SealFit workouts and moving into a more movement based workouts as Ido Portal promotes. I feel this will help my martial arts as well as shore up any physical weaknesses I may have.

I'm Eugene Kuhns, a Senior Graphic Designer with Deloitte in Pittsburgh; an avid bike rider, martial artist and traveler with a thirst for craft beers, a hunger for bacon; and a focus on building the best websites and interactive experiences.

I can help plan your website and direct the customer experience to help maximize your marketing potential.